Guillermo del Toro revealed his favorite superhero movies

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Guillermo del Toro revealed his favorite superhero movies

Guillermo del Toro won an Oscar this year for his film La Forma del Agua but, before receiving the award thanks to that creature, the director had ventured into other types of fantasies with films like Titans of the Pacific and even movies that could have a space in the genre of superheroes or adaptations of comics such as Blade II and two Hellboy full movie.

Therefore, in a kind of homage to the genre that is so popular today and helped to further boost his career, del Toro posted on Twitter a list of “adapted superhero movies” that are of his liking.

Although the director indicates that the films that are part of the list are adaptations, Unbreakable by M. Night Shyamalan corresponds to an original script. But certainly no one will discuss the quality of that tape to be part of the list.

In addition to Unbreakable, among his first list of the Toro highlights from classics like Donner’s Superman, to Blade, through The Dark Knight and Raimi’s first two Spider-Man.

Evidently, the director excluded his own work in films such as Blade II, Hellboy and Hellboy II: The Golden Army, which he justified in a following tweet where he said he was “listing films by other filmmakers”.

In his later publications, del Toro also added films that have generated less consensus among fans such as Thor: Ragnarok and Man of Steel, as well as films like V for Vendetta, Chronicle and Split.

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