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Hellboy – Is the humor tone of the new movie correct?

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Hellboy – Is the humor tone of the new movie correct?

The first trailer of the reboot of Hellboy starring David Harbor has triggered the controversy. Too easy humor for the big man born in the Mike Mignonla comics for Dark Horse? Let’s analyze the question around his tone.

By 2019, I should change my name to Mr. Hot Potato, because that’s what they just happened to me. Not even two days ago the year has started and I already have one of those burning your fingers in your hands. And is that today’s theme, with which I open the round of opinion blogs, columns, etc is none other than the one that brought us the release of the first trailer of the new Hellboy movie. You know, that movie that was originally going to be called Hellboy: Rise of the Blood Queen, but that, in the end, seems to have preferred to go to the simple and stay alone in “Chico del Infierno”.

Having these two axes in mind, we have to honestly ask ourselves which study has the noses Hellboy full movie of betting on this and doing it just like the comic book. Especially with the precedent of Hellboy Guillermo del Toro so fresh in the collective imagination. And this, I think, is at the heart of the issue behind the Hellboy played by Dave Harbor and what we’ve seen in the trailer.

Some time ago, I talked about a blog based on a comic that did not have to be 100% faithful to the original work to work well on screen. I continue to defend this idea. However, in the case of the new Hellboy movie we have to approach the question in another way. Because it gives me that the reboot is not an adaptation of a comic, but the adaptation of a previously made film, which was based on a comic.

The feeling that I have been to see the trailer is that this film from Lions Gate is intended to start from the vision of Hellboy that embodied Ron Perlman. This makes all the sense of the world, if we consider that this project was originally born as Hellboy 3, a direct sequel to Hellboy: The Golden Army. But, because del Toro was removed from production and Perlman refused to retake the role, the project remained in the drawer for several years.

Filtered at low quality the Hellboy trailer

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We do not know how long it will be online, especially when posted on Twitter and Reddit, but for the moment the first “Hellboy full movie” trailer shown during the last New Yorck Comic Con is available.

Although not much quality, the video allows us to see Hellboy in motion and scenes of which we only had a simple description.

A first contact that really allows us to see how close it will be in some things to the version of Guillermo del Toro but also how much it will get away from that, showing a quite different Hellboy.

The cast would be David Harbor as Hellboy, Ian McShane as Professor Broom, Sasha Lane as Alice Monaghan, Penelope Mitchell as witch Ganeida, Daniel Dae Kim as Major Ben Daimio and Milla Jovovich would be the villainous Queen of Blood.

The restart of the Hellboy franchise does not yet have an official title but they were referring to it as “Hellboy: Rise of the Blood Queen” or simply as “Hellboy” for now.

The film will have no relationship with the previous and has Neil Marshall (“The Descent”, “Game of Thrones”) as director and Andrew Cosby in charge of the script, which aims to be an adaptation with an R rating. Its premiere would be scheduled for April 12, 2019 in the United States and May 17 in Spain.

There are still no official details of the plot, but they have advanced that it will not delve too much into the origins of the character, and the following details have been leaked.

Milla Jovovich talked about her role as a villain in the restart of Hellboy

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Milla Jovovich talked about her role as a villain in the restart of Hellboy

Along with its protagonist, David Harbor (Stranger Things), one of the most interesting additions to the cast of the new version of Hellboy full movie is Milla Jovovich (Resident Evil, The Fifth Element), who will play the main antagonist: Nimue, The Queen of Blood.

Consulted by this new role by IMDb during the Sundance festival, the actress commented: “It was incredible to be part of this franchise and it was very fun to film her. My character is very witch, but she is also great and very sweet, and I do not understand why everyone tries to kill her. It’s really something very bad. ”

“It tries to unite the human world with that of the monsters, and I do not know, nobody wants that to happen,” he added.

Guillermo del Toro revealed his favorite superhero movies

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Guillermo del Toro revealed his favorite superhero movies

Guillermo del Toro won an Oscar this year for his film La Forma del Agua but, before receiving the award thanks to that creature, the director had ventured into other types of fantasies with films like Titans of the Pacific and even movies that could have a space in the genre of superheroes or adaptations of comics such as Blade II and two Hellboy full movie.

Therefore, in a kind of homage to the genre that is so popular today and helped to further boost his career, del Toro posted on Twitter a list of “adapted superhero movies” that are of his liking.

Although the director indicates that the films that are part of the list are adaptations, Unbreakable by M. Night Shyamalan corresponds to an original script. But certainly no one will discuss the quality of that tape to be part of the list.

In addition to Unbreakable, among his first list of the Toro highlights from classics like Donner’s Superman, to Blade, through The Dark Knight and Raimi’s first two Spider-Man.

Evidently, the director excluded his own work in films such as Blade II, Hellboy and Hellboy II: The Golden Army, which he justified in a following tweet where he said he was “listing films by other filmmakers”.

In his later publications, del Toro also added films that have generated less consensus among fans such as Thor: Ragnarok and Man of Steel, as well as films like V for Vendetta, Chronicle and Split.